2021 - 2022 Workshops

The 2022-2023 Workshop Series schedule will be posted in early August 2022.  Workshops will be from 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.   

To sign up for a workshop and receive a Zoom link, email internationalscholars@unl.edu with your name, title and department.  These workshops are intended for university faculty and staff who are working with international employees or visiting scholars.

A more detailed description of the workshops will be provided when it is closer to the date of the workshop. 


October 13:  Introduction to hiring international employees/visiting scholars.  This workshop is intended for employees who are new to working with international employees/visitors and will provide a basic review of the options.

Introduction to Hiring International Employees/Visiting Scholars Video

November 10:  H-1B Processing:  This workshop will go over the process of petitioning for an H-1B for a new employee and extensions for current employees.  It will also introduce iglobal (our new data management system) and set workshop participants up in the new system.  This workshop is intended for both new and experienced UNL employees who work with the hiring of international employees/visitors.

December 8:   Permanent Residency

February 16: Exchange Visitors (J-1)

March 9: Immigration Attorney Panel