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Faisal Al Rumhi
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#HuskerHired: Campus job prepares Al Rumhi for future career

May 14, 2022 | By Mia Azizah

Moving from his hometown of Izki in the Al Dakhiliyah region of Oman to Nebraska, Faisal Al Rumhi was looking forward to a lot as a new international student. But one thing he didn't immediately think about was a job.

Last spring, the supply chain management major decided to get outside of his comfort zone and applied for a job as a dining service associate in Abel Sandoz Hall. It was his very first job – and it turned out to be a transformational moment he prepares for his next career step.

"I enjoyed every little moment of it," Al Rumhi said. "This experience helped me get out of my comfort zone and say yes to new experiences. This job improved my skills, and it allowed me to perform different tasks in multiple areas."

Al Rumhi didn't stop expanding his professional network there; he found many ways to make an impact on Nebraska's global community by joining various student organizations and volunteering to support his peers across campus. He became a member of the Omani Student Association, participated in Employment Readiness Certificate and UNL Global Leadership programs, and volunteered in the annual Big Arabic Day organized by the Arabic Studies Program and Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Student Association. Al Rumhi also volunteered for the Harvest Moon Festival held by the Asian Community and Cultural Center.

Students should come to UNL because of the opportunity of having a well-rounded college experience. UNL is a great place where you can immerse yourself in the community and make friends.

Faisal Al Rumhi

"I am also glad that I got the opportunity to meet ambitious people who loved what they do and share their stories with me," he said.

Some of his favorite memories, Al Rumhi says, are enjoying campus life and being in the classroom with his fellow supply chain management classmates. As a student, he always felt supported by the Nebraska community whenever he needed help and encouraging him to expand his network – including new professional experiences with national companies.

"My biggest accomplishment is getting the opportunity to work side by side on a project with Conagra Brands, one of the biggest consumer packaged goods companies in the United States," Al Rumhi added.

Al Rumhi believes the engagement opportunities he found at Nebraska will get him one step closer to achieving his goal of starting his own business back home in Oman, where he would interact with various customers. From the moment he arrived on campus to his first job and now graduating with his bachelor's, Nebraska has given him several advantages and opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

"Graduating from Nebraska means that I earned my future and succeed in what I want to do," Al Rumhi said.

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