Community & Support

Lincoln offers the excitement of a big city with the friendliness of a small community. We have many resources available for international students, from cultural organizations full of new friends to accessible transportation for exploring the entire city.

Places of Worship Cultural Centers Health & Support Resources Tax and Financial Assistance Transportation

Places of Worship

Places of Worship Near Campus
Muslim Prayer rooms on or near campus

Muslim Student Association Room
Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center, Room 348. This room is located just a couple of blocks from your accommodations on campus. It also requires an access code, which we will provide upon arrival.

Connection Point
East Campus, 1333 N 33rd St.

St. Mark's on Campus Episcopal Church
1318 R Street — St. Mark’s has a prayer room for Muslim Fellows and visitors to use. It is available anytime throughout the day and evening, and an access code will be provided to those that would like to use the space.

Temple for worship

Cultural Centers

Illustration of paper cutout figures on hands

Lincoln is small but also incredibly diverse due to its popularity as a location for refugee resettlement, as well as the international draw of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Wherever you are from, you are likely to find community here in Lincoln!

Health & Support Resources

Whatever you are going through, there are resources to assist you through many different non-profit organizations around town.

Volunteering opportunities
Food and Financial Security
Counseling and Mental Health Services
Medical Services — Emergencies, free/reduced-cost resources, etc.
Doctor and patient

Tax and Financial Assistance

Nebraska Federal Credit Union exterior
Nebraska Federal Credit Union
UNL Vita Tax Services

All international students and scholars are required to complete their federal and state taxes. Thankfully, UNL's Center for Civic Engagement will help you file your taxes for free!

Community Action Partnership

Financial security is never guaranteed, and for life's unexpected moments, there are organizations and people in Lincoln here to help. Community Action Partnership has numerous programs to help in emergency financial situations, as well as courses on financial stewardship to help you maximize your funds.

University of Nebraska Credit Union

If you need a loan or financial assistance, the University of Nebraska Credit Union offers more competitive rates than a normal bank, and will work with you on all of your financial needs.


Most stores and businesses can be found downtown Lincoln within walking distance of the university. However, when you want to get out and explore or visit other parts of town, there are many ways to get around!

Public transportation

Bus System


Hourly car rental with discounted rates for UNL students, faculty, and staff. Insurance, gas, maintenance, and 24/7 customer service are all included in a small monthly fee plus the hourly rate.

City bus in front of Nebraska Union
Startran city bus in front of Nebraska Union

Global Education Center

Shared spaces for collaboration and connection
Nebraska Federal Credit Union

The Global Education Center is a hub for international students to connect and collaborate. The community-centered space is home to the five Global Affairs Offices allowing for all support, resources and services to be in one place.

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