International Freshman Requirements

Since admission is based on your previous academic record, there are a few documents we require before you can be considered for admission to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

1. Official Secondary School Transcripts and Certificate/Diploma

  • Original secondary school transcripts.
    • Transcripts must include the original native language transcript and an English language translation. 
    • Copies and English language translations must be stamped or embossed by the issuing institution confirming it is a literal translation.
  • Certificate or diploma
    Submit a certificate or diploma confirming graduation from a secondary education institution.
    • You must submit the original certificate or diploma in your native language and an English translation that has been stamped or embossed by the issuing institution confirming it is a literal translation.
    • Copies must be stamped or embossed by the issuing institution confirming it is a legitimate copy.
  • Completed coursework requirements include:
    • A broad section of course work in English
    • Native language courses
    • Math
    • Natural sciences
    • Social sciences

NOTE: If you’ve taken college-level courses that equal less than 12 credit hours, you will be evaluated as a freshman applicant. If you have completed your secondary work at a US high school you will still apply as an international freshman.

2. English Proficiency Requirement

Non-native English speakers must submit an IELTS or TOEFL score demonstrating proficiency in English. Contact your IELTS testing center or TOEFL to have your official scores sent directly to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

If you do not meet proficiency requirements, you can still be offered conditional admission.

3. ACT / SAT Requirement

ACT / SAT tests are NOT required for admission to UNL but may be required for entry into specific colleges.

Colleges that require scores include:

  • College of Architecture
  • College of Engineering

4. Bank Statement Requirement

You must submit a bank statement showing sufficient support for the first year of study in order to be issued an I-20.

You will still be evaluated for admission without submitting the bank statement.  However, admission letters and I-20s will not be sent until the bank statement requirement has been met.

Statements must include:

  • Students name
  • NU ID number

NOTE: Scholarship letters can be used in place of bank statements.

5. Items NOT Required

Letters of recommendation and essays are NOT required for admission.

Send all Admission materials to:

Office of Admissions
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1410 Q St
P.O. Box 880417
Lincoln, NE 68588-0417


Don't hesitate to contact the admissions office with any questions you may have at: +1-800-742-8800 or

Applications After Published Admissions Deadlines

If you apply after the published semester deadline you may still be eligible for admission.

Any application received after the published deadline will be placed on a wait-list. The admissions committee will prioritize the wait-list based upon candidates that meet UNL's assured admission requirements.

Find out more about University of Nebraska–Lincoln assured admission requirements.

Please note there is no guarantee of admission for wait-list applicants.


Summer/Fall 2015:
  • May 1, 2015
Spring 2016:
  • December 1, 2015