Intensive English Program

English Proficiency

The Intensive English Program (IEP) provides:

  • 20 classroom hours per week
  • Semester long courses
  • All levels of English study
  • No TOEFL required for admission to IEP
  • Full integration into UNL student life
  • On-campus housing


Estimated Cost For One Semester (2015-16)
Item Cost
IEP Course and Student Fees $5,220.00 per semester
Room and Board $5,335.00 per semester
Books and Supplies $535.00 per semester
Miscellaneous $2,856.00 per semester
Semester Total $13,946.00

*Costs are based on a single student enrolled in the Intensive English Program for one semester living in an Abel/Sandoz residence hall in a double room with the 7-day unlimited meal plan.